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About Us

Geocrete Waterfront Construction, based in Corpus Christi, specializes in crafting dream waterfronts. From building sturdy docks, luxurious decks, and reliable boat lifts, our team is dedicated to turning your waterfront visions into reality. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we ensure every project is a testament to our passion for creating exceptional waterfront spaces.

Facebook Testimonial
"We highly recommend Geocrete Decks, Docks, and Boat Lifts! We originally attempted to obtain a couple of bids for our job. After several weeks of no-shows, no callback, or eight months out. We called Geocrete. Richard showed up immediately, we had our quote within 24 hours. Once we agreed to go forward, Miguel and team took off! They were here every day working diligently. They were friendly, professional, and courteous. They did an amazing job on our deck, and we couldn’t be happier!


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