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Global Teamwork Made Simple: How to Assemble a Great Team of Freelancers

As your business grows, you may find yourself needing additional staff and expertise without the need for full-time employees. Fortunately, with the rise of digital freelancing, assembling a great team of remote professionals has become easier than ever. Here are our top tips for creating an effective and efficient workflow with freelancers from across the globe.

Secure Your Business with an LLC Registration

Before you start looking for freelancers, it's important to protect your business interests first and foremost. Registering as an LLC (limited liability company) will help shield you from personal liability while providing you peace of mind that your business is operating legally and ethically. Once you have registered your LLC, you can begin the process of recruiting freelancers for your projects.

Craft a Thorough Job Description

When listing a freelance job opening, be sure to include as much detail as possible to attract qualified applicants. Describe exactly what tasks will be expected of them, provide any contact information, and outline payment terms and expectations for completion times. The more detailed your job description is, the better chance you have at finding the perfect fit for your project needs.

Find Freelancers on Job Boards

There are dozens of job boards and platforms specifically designed for connecting employers with freelancers from around the world. Be sure to take advantage of these resources and post jobs where they are likely to receive maximum visibility. Additionally, be sure to check out social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, which also have groups specifically geared toward connecting employers with freelance workers in their field of expertise.

Ask for References and Work Samples

When looking to hire someone, it's important to ask for references and work samples to gain insight into their past performance. This information can help you determine if the candidate is a good fit for the position you are hiring for. By gathering this information before making a final decision, you can ensure that you are bringing on the best candidate for the job.

Screen Candidates

Once you've reviewed resumes, references, and work samples, it's time to screen candidates through phone calls or video conferences. This allows for a better understanding of each other before making any official agreements and also provides an opportunity to discuss expectations and payment arrangements. Through this process, both parties can determine if further negotiations are desired.

Set Clear Expectations                                                 

To avoid any potential conflicts during a project, both parties need to establish clear expectations before starting. This includes agreeing on deadlines, payment terms, communication protocols, and expectations regarding revisions. By doing so, everyone understands what is expected upfront, reducing the risk of unexpected issues arising down the line.


The best way to ensure everyone is on the same page is to have both parties sign a contract containing all of these expectations. Create a PDF contract with the agreed-upon terms, and once you’ve signed it, ask your new team member to sign as well. If you’re working with a remote freelancer, utilize this tool to have them securely add their digital signature from anywhere in the world. Having this document saved as a PDF makes it easy to duplicate for other freelancers you bring on, and in addition, you can encrypt it when you send it via email for added security.

Get a Project Management Platform 

Investing in a project management platform is one of many effective solutions for a project management tool, improving efficiency when working with remote professionals. With better time and task management, communication between members is streamlined and reduces the need for constant updates on the same topics. This resulted in increased productivity, improved team morale, and allowed for better time management throughout the lifecycle of the project.


Assembling a great team of freelancers from around the world doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. With proper research and planning, you can create a diverse global team that meets your needs. Consider interviewing potential candidates, researching references, and collaborating with members to ensure the best fit for each position on your team. With these steps in mind, creating a successful international team can be made simple.

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